Why should I participate in the Binghamton Fund EXCELERATOR Challenge?

Gifts will be used to "hit the EXCELERATOR" for Binghamton by increasing financial aid, providing an exceptional education for every student with more opportunities for research and outside the classroom experiences and driving discovery in research and innovation. Each gift has magnified impact, too. There will be challenge and matching funds that release at certain donor thresholds. For instance, when we reach 342 donors (for Binghamton green, Pantone 342), $34,200 is released.


Can I choose to give to any area of campus?

There are 18 Binghamton Fund designations that provide funding for the University‚Äôs greatest needs, scholarships, schools, athletics and campus priorities that are eligible for EXCELERATOR matching gifts.  The Binghamton Fund is the campaign priority that everyone can participate in at any level, and gifts go to work right away for that area you support.